AGNI Ayur Drops

Agni Ayur Drops Finally, an Ayurvedic cure to diabetes, obesity and thyroid problems. Take 15 drops of AGNI Ayur drops 10 minutes after food in the morning and evening. That is all you need to recover from the problems of diabetes, obesity and thyroid imbalances.

Govt Approved Ayurvedic Medicine

This medicine is approved by Government of Kerala (Details ? Reg. No, date, etc).

This medicine safely cures diabetes, reduces body weight and normalizes thyroid functioning.

How to Use:
Ten minutes after food (break fast and supper), take (drink) 15 drops of this medicine.

Continue your regular medicines for diabetes and thyroid problems. You may experience slight aggravation of the condition in the first few days of using this medicine. You can keep the blood sugar and thyroid levels normal with your regular medicines.

Continue taking AGNI drops for a few more days and you can see the sugar and thyroid hormone levels becoming normal. The medicine doesn't drop the sugar levels below healthy levels. This is because the medicine acts on the body systems responsible for the production, release and normalization of insulin and sugar levels. Same is the case with thyroid. The medicine strengthens the functioning of the glands.

Functioning of AGNI Drops:
The functioning of AGNI drops is not like that of regular medicines. The regular allopathy directly act on the sugar or hormone levels. It reduces the blood sugar level by injection of insulin. The insulin acts directly on the blood sugar, reducing its quantity in the blood. Same is the case of hormones. The medicines aim to reduce the hormone levels by acting directly on the hormones in the blood.

This method has the danger of abnormal lowering of blood sugar levels. This would lead to a condition called hypoglycoma, characterized by abnormal lowering of blood sugar levels. This is a serious condition, which can lead to death.

With Ayurvedic medicine, this is not the case. The medicine doesn't act directly on the blood sugar or hormones in the blood. It would, instead work on the internal body systems responsible for production and maintenance of blood sugar and hormone levels. This prevents abnormal lowering of the blood sugar levels. This way, it is safe to use this medicine along with your regular medications. Blood sugar levels normalized by insulin injection won't fall again.

You can gradually reduce the dosage of your regular medicine as the blood sugar and hormone levels become normal. It takes some time before this medicine can give you solid results. Once your blood sugar and hormone levels become normal, you can stop taking other medicines.

Curing Obesity:
Drink 15 drops of this medicine ten minutes after food in the morning and in the night. This will strengthen the body's metabolism. You can soon experience significant reduction in your body weight.

This medicine is safe for slim persons too. The medicine will only strengthen the digestive system and doesn't cause further reduction of body weight. Once your body is of normal weight, it will remain so. This medicine doesn't reduce your body weight to unhealthy levels.


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