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NP Ayurveda Research Laboratories is committed to discover at least a few of the gems hidden in the vastness of Ayurveda. Founded on the desire to find cures for incurable diseases and physical conditions, Dr. Sidhardhan has already developed Kaivalya Thailam, a very special medicinal oil used to normalize blood sugar levels, blood pressure and bodily functions. Thousands of people suffering from diabetes, heart problems, asthma, and dozens of other conditions have benefited from this innovation. Further researches are on to develop better medicines to heal and cure. Find out the achievements by NP Ayurveda Research Lab.

Dr. K. Sidhardhan D.A.M  Dr. K. Sidhardhan D.A.M
Dr. K Sidhardhan comes from a family of traditional Ayurveda practitioners, in both maternal and paternal lines. The family tradition of Ayurveda practice runs back to more than a century. Thus, he is introduced to Ayurveda medicines and practices early on in his life.

Later, he completed his formal education on Ayurveda at Government Ayurveda College, Thiruvanathapuram. He completed Bachelor Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) and DAM from there.

Developing of Kaivalya Thailam
After several years' of research, Dr. Sidhardhan developed Kaivalya Thailam in 1987. This medicine got drug license from Kerala Government in 1993.

Dr. Sidhardhan found this medicine suitable for dozens of diseases and conditions including Ashtma, Diabetes, Blood Pressure Disorders, Heart Problems, Ulcer, Skin Diseases (including Psoriasis), Obesity, Arthritis pain, Thyroid Problems, Kidney Disorders, and almost any diseases that affect human body.

Dr. Sidhardhan tells every disease is a result of improper eating habits and defective digestion. He tells his patients to eat easily digestible food items only. Kaivalya Thailam works on the digestive system and normalizes digestion. According to Ayurveda texts, all diseases are caused due to defective digestion. When a person can absorb all the nutrients essential for the body from the food he/she eats, she will be healthy. Otherwise, the person will get diseases.

Thousands of persons from across Kerala, suffering from variety of diseases have benefited from the effectiveness of this medicine.

Kaivalya Thailam as Drops
Dr. Sidhardhan has then developed the medicine in droplet form. Just take 15 drops (or as many drops as suggested) two times a day. However, don't start the medicine without initial consultation with the doctor. The

Awards and Recognitions
He has won several awards for his contributions to Ayurveda. They include:

KANFED Award by ...
Vaidya Ratnam Award by Indira Gandhi National Foundation
Aasan Puraskaram
Ayursri Award by ...

Dr. Sidhardhan has consultancies across Kerala state. He reaches the consultation centers once a month.

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