About Kaivalya Thailam

A Miraculous Ayurvedic Medicine for Common & Chronic Disesases

Kaivalya Thailam, an Ayurvedic medicinal oil is developed by Dr. Sidhardhan after several years' of research. This medicine was developed in 1987 and got drug license from Kerala government six years later.

Unlike most other medicinal oils, Kaivalya thailam is for both internal and external use. That is right, Dr Sidhardh suggests specific doses for persons suffering from diseases of almost all kinds. The dose is determined based on the physical conditions of the persons taking the medicine. Usually it is 15 drops of oil two times a day.

Dr Sidhardh tells the medicinal oil can cure diseases of various kinds. Patients suffering from the following conditions have benefited from Kaivalya Thailam. The diseases are:

Blood Pressure disorders
Cholesterol problems
Skin Diseases (like psoriasis)
Tonsil problems
Goiter problems
Thyroid problems
Cancer (different types, in early stages)
Varicose vein ... and almost any other disease that affects human body.

Kaivalya Thailam Usage: Best Practices for Best Results
Take (drink) this medicine internally once daily, sufficient enough to produce 2 to 3 loose stools in about six hours. The quantity that is to be taken internally depends of the patients constitution.

Start with 5 ml preferably early in the morning, in empty stomach. If you can't take this medicine in the morning, you can take it in the night, 3 to 4 hours after your supper. Take supper early, say at around 7pm and take the medicine at 10pm or 11pm.

Drink warm water intermittently for 2-3 hours after taking the medicine. If it causes loose motion for more than five times, reduce the quantity of medicine to 2.5 ml. Such condition signifies the medicine's action taking effect. This is not a thing to worry, but a normal thing to expect after taking medicine. However, if there is too much motion, it will cause problems. Reduce the dose in such cases.

In some cases patients had to increase the quantity up to 35 or 40 ml per day. Gradually increase the dose by 5ml per day. This will prevent constipation. If you still don't see any results, you will need to take a laxative.

The loose stool is mucoid, with different colours like red, blue, green, and yellow. This too is normal. The motion becomes normal once the toxic substances are released from the body. It may take some time to get rid of toxic substances. Such substances have accumulated in your body over several years. Once the toxic substances are removed, the loose motion stops by itself. Don't reduce the dosage. Continue with the same dosage that facilitated the removal of accumulated toxins in the body.

Diabetic patients may periodically check their blood sugar levels. This will reassure them they are gradually getting rid of their condition. The sugar is normalized after every check up. They can gradually stop use of insulin injection and medication. However, make sure you don't stop such medicines in one day. Reduce the dose gradually before you stop fully.

This medicine doesn't reduce your blood sugar below normal levels. This is because, this medicine strengthens the functioning of body systems responsible for the production of insulin and normalization of blood sugar levels.

The duration of this treatment depends on the severity and duration of diabeties.

Diabetic wounds and ulcers can also be healed by this medicine. Dress the wound with cotton soaked in this medicine. Dress the wound three or four times a day. After a few days, you can dress the wound just once per day. The medicine has miraculous properties and has even cured cases that would have gone to amputation of legs.

This medicine is also good for persons worried about blood cholesterol levels. It keeps the blood cholesterol levels normal.

1. Avoid food items which are hard to digest eg: Fried foods, groundnuts, banana, Maida, Rava, Egg, Meat, etc.
2. Avoid spicy food like Pickles

Strong fire with big flames can consume even fresh trees. However, when the flames are low, the fire will go out if you stack firewood quickly. Likewise, give food to your body according to your digestive power. That is the only principle of healthy eating.

According to Dr. Sidhardhan, Kaivalya Thailam strengthens one's digestive powers. Good digestion leads to better immunity against all kinds of diseases. This is the basic principle of the working of Kaivalya Thailam.

When your food is not properly digested, your body assimilates partially digested food items. Such food is toxic. Such toxins reach your blood and reach all parts of your body. These toxins destroy your immunity and health, causing all kinds of diseases.

With regular use of Kaivalya thailam in the suggested dosage, patients can bring their diseases to under control. This medicine doesn't have any serious side effects. There also aren't any big diet restrictions to follow. Persons of any age and physical conditions can start using the medicine, after getting guidance from the doctor.


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